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Introducing the all-new high index 1.61 and 1.67 lenses from ZhongShan Green Lens Co., Ltd. These advanced lenses are designed to provide superior optical performance and comfort for those with higher prescriptions. The high index 1.61 lenses are thinner and lighter than standard lenses, helping to reduce the overall weight of the glasses and provide a more natural look. On the other hand, the high index 1.67 lenses take it a step further, offering even greater thinness and lightness for those seeking the ultimate in visual clarity and aesthetics.

Both options are perfect for those with strong prescriptions who want the benefits of high index technology. With their exceptional thinness and lightness, these lenses are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a more comfortable and attractive eyewear solution. Experience the difference with our high index 1.61 and 1.67 lenses and see the world more clearly and comfortably than ever before.
  • High Index 1.61 Vs 1.67: Choosing the Best Lenses for Your Vision Needs | Wholesale
  • If you're in the market for new glasses, you may have come across the decision to choose between High Index 1.61 and 1.67 lenses. Both options offer a thinner and more lightweight lens compared to standard lenses, but there are some differences to consider. High Index 1.67 lenses are even thinner and lighter than 1.61 lenses, making them a great choice for those with higher prescriptions. However, they are also more expensive. On the other hand, High Index 1.61 lenses are a great option for those looking for a balance between thinness, weight, and cost. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your prescription and budget.
    Ms. Elena Rowe
  • Looking for ultra-thin, lightweight lenses? Look no further than the debate between High Index 1.61 and 1.67 lenses. If you have a high prescription, the 1.67 lenses are a must-have for reducing lens thickness and improving aesthetics. They offer superior clarity and are perfect for those who want a polished and sleek look. However, if you have a moderate prescription, the 1.61 lenses are a great choice for their affordability and excellent performance. Both options excel in providing comfort and durability, so you can't go wrong with either choice. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal needs and preferences.
    Mr. James Wang
Introducing our new line of high-index lenses, available in both 1.61 and 1.67 indexes. These cutting-edge lenses are designed to provide the highest level of performance and comfort for wearers with higher prescriptions.

The 1.61 high-index lenses offer superior thinness and lightness while providing excellent clarity and vision correction. They are perfect for those looking for a sleek and comfortable lens option.

On the other hand, our 1.67 high-index lenses are even thinner and lighter, making them an ideal choice for those with very high prescriptions. These lenses are crafted to provide exceptional vision correction without sacrificing style or comfort.

Both of these high-index lens options are specially engineered to reduce the distortion that can occur with thicker lenses, providing wearers with a more natural and comfortable visual experience. They are also highly impact-resistant and come with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings for added durability and clarity.

Whether you have a moderate or high prescription, our high-index 1.61 and 1.67 lenses are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for the ultimate combination of performance, style, and comfort. Upgrade your eyeglass lenses today and experience the difference high-index technology can make in your everyday life.

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